#bartstrike Blues Got You Down? RidePal’s Here to Help

UPDATE 5:15pm : Because of limited demand to and from the Lakeshore/Grand location, we have rerouted the shuttle to run from SF’s Transbay Terminal to the Ashby, North Berkeley, and El Cerrito del Norte BART stations.

RidePal is offering free rides to BART-stricken commuters during Tuesday afternoon’s commute.

Our shuttles will make as many roundtrips as possible between Lake Merritt and San Francisco before taking a final crew of riders with it back to Dublin/Pleasanton (approximate schedule below).


Did we mention these rides are free? The buses will have a RidePal sign – just show up, board, sit back and enjoy.

RidePal is being built in response to the Bay Area’s painfully inefficient commute, and we aim to prove with each additional route and rider that shared-commuter shuttles are the most efficient way to reduce congestion, increase productivity, and ease the stress of a painful commute.

“We spend all our time thinking about how to improve the lives of Bay Area commuters,” said RidePal co-founder Nat Criou. “What better opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of shared commuting than now? A lot of people have seen their commute become even worse this week, and we want to lend a hand.”

RidePal buses offer comfortable seats, air conditioning, and WiFi — just what you need on a day like today!

Here is how we expect this afternoon’s operation to look:

  • 4:00p:  The shuttle will pick up its first batch of riders from the Lakeshore/Grand casual carpooling pickup spot. (Check 511 for more information on casual carpool and this location.)

  • 4:00 – 7:30p (approximately):  The shuttle will make as many roundtrips as possible between Lakeshore/Grand and the San Francisco Transbay Terminal, picking up and dropping off in SF on Beale between Howard and Folsom. (That is the location designated by SFMTA for Lakeshore/Grand-bound carpool passengers; it’s C1 on the map below.)
  • 7:30 – 8:00p (approximately):  The final pickup will be on the east side of Spear between Howard and Folsom (C2, below) for any Dublin/Pleasanton-bound riders and will drop off at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

Please note that rides are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis and times may vary  depending on — what else? — traffic.

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